Business strategy may not be a science, but using the right method with the right materials in the right place at the right time can create explosive results. We've gathered some examples of the most successful business models that have gone on to make lasting impacts on industry, consumers and the world at large.

10) Name your price:  

Vendors bid to meet the prices customers set for hotel stays and air tickets.

9) Offer Aggregation:


eBay has made offer aggregation and price comparisons a major part of its online auctions and buy-it-now sales.

 ‚Äč8) One day One deal:


Woot/ LivingSocial/ Moolala
Providing discounts on meals, products and services with local merchants.

7) Just in time:

The JIT method combined with Dell's direct-to-consumer process made for a dynamite business model.

6) Growth first: 

Amazon has combined regular and offer-aggregate sales into its pricing for every product.

5) The modern franchise:  

A business model that has inspired enough imitators to launch the fast-food industry.

4)  Software first:  

The company got a head start by developing the operating system for IBM's personal computer in 1981.

3)  Lifestyle takeover: 

& Apple
While Apple and Google may appear at first to work in very different ways they share one pioneering interest: you

2) The everything store: 

Walton saw that general stores were turning a good profit, but he found a way to perfect the business model.

1) The P2P Revolution:  

Kickstarter/ Paypal/ Craigslist,
The newest and most fascinating business model of all is the personal, customizable, one-on-one transactions.