Delivering projects across the globe

Covid crisis implication on remote work as a new established norm, enabled Brandcell consulting to cater to various businesses across many markets.
We are today, thanks to advanced communication tools, delivering projects across the globe by helping clients design the right strategy, the innovation framework and the scenario planning tools to succeed in highly uncertain times.

Critical uncertainties session

Brandcell delivered a presentation session to ITG’s VPs and GMs on Strategic Scenario Planning to allow companies to navigate towards a plausible future by identifying and contextualizing their most critical uncertainties.

Our End Of Year Gift

Brandcell Consulting has offered its key Clients a valuable gift this year: an interactive session on Scenario Planning to help Companies navigate towards a plausible future by identifying and contextualizing their most critical uncertainties.

Ecommerce shopping habits in Lebanon

Brandcell Consulting has conducted a survey to further understand the ecommerce market in Lebanon and its perception. Over 100 people participated in the survey through Survey Monkey online questionnaire. This revealed the ecommerce shopping habits in Lebanon and uncovered opportunities for retailers.

(The detailed results could be emailed to the interested business people upon request sent to

Brandcell at Born Interactive Breakfast for thought session

Brandcell CEO Joe Ayoub talked about “Customer Experience: the new competitive edge” at Born Interactive first breakfast for thought “Experience that matter” last May 2019.

A wide professional audience attended the event from various sectors and expressed a high interest in knowing more about innovation strategies and human centered design.

DDI Workshop in KSA

Answering the question: How can Design thinking and service design help companies innovate, create new services, unlock new business and unlock new markets while reducing the risk of high-cost failure?
A workshop session was organized in Riyadh on March 19th on the Theme of “Design drives Business Innovation” among a professional audience from Hospitality, Retail, Service and Consultancy sectors.

Brandcell Celebrating 10 Years of Achievements

Brandcell, the leading Strategy & Innovation consultancy is celebrating its 10th year of achievements in the local and regional markets. With more than 50 projects accomplished across industries (Financial, Electronics, Energy, Media and Telecommunications, Real Estate and construction, HORECA, Retail and Services), Brandcell is today highly contributing to the development of Brands and Companies strategic & innovation capabilities to succeed in a highly volatile & competitive environment.

BC Conversations #4

As part of Brandcell knowledge initiatives, the 4th edition of Brandcell conversations was held on October 5th 2018 around the theme «The New Service Model: Human or Digital »
During this inspiring morning session, business professionals from several industries (F&B, Banking, Insurance, FMCG and Consultancy) discussed the main challenges facing the digital and human integration.

Learn and help students in need learn

This Summer, Brandcell consulting translates knowledge into models and frameworks to support organizations in facing daily business challenges. One Day Private Workshops are offered on the following topics: Business innovation, Business strategy and Service design with 20% contribution to students scholarships in Business and design.

Innovate or Die Morning Talk

As part of Brandcell’s knowledge initiatives, RDCL members were invited to a Morning Talk on March 23rd, 2018 in Brandcell offices around the theme “Innovate or Die, innovation in business in the age of transformation”. 
Participants engaged in a debate around the main market challenge: 'is a performing economy mandatory for innovation or is innovation mandatory for a strong economy?' Followed by a presentation on 'How to innovate' and a review of the design thinking approach.

Service Design Project in KSA

Brandcell consulting have been awarded with its partner Livework the first service design project in Saudi Arabia with one of the largest hospitality groups. The Aim is to design an innovative hospitality concept targeted to the new millennial generation.

Leading By Design Conference

Livework and Brandcell  held a conference on “Leading by design” at the Beirut Design fair on Sep 21st with the aim of showcasing how design is impacting businesses today with a focus on three themes that are pressing topics for organizations: customer experience, the shift from products to services, and digitalization. The Team shared then practical cases of how companies are using strategic design to tackle these challenges followed by a reflection on patterns seen across industries and previsions for the future. A panel discussion followed the conference with experts from the academic, social and business fields.

Introducing: Kids of Beirut

Photo Credit suggerotoole

What makes Beirut YOUR City?

The best way to answer this questions is to ask the12-15 years youth of this amazing town to provide us with their living testimonials. Their stories & experiences will give a genuine & crystal view of Beirut city. Kids of Beirut will turn into a social documentary gathering the best sequences of their videos to show the similarities and differences between Beirut and other cities of the world like the emblematic New York.  Click here to enter the website

Brandcell Conversations Edition 03

As part of Brandcell knowledge initiatives, the 3rd edition of Brandcell conversations was held on March 10th 2017 around the theme “Decoding the Millennials, uncovering business opportunities”.


Brandcell at the Gulf CX Awards

Brandcell participated to the Gulf CX awards in Dubai on January 18th as part of the Jury, recognizing many outstanding customer experiences and digital innovations in the financial, retail, telecom and health sectors in the region.

Brandcell Conversations Edition 02

Following the success of the first edition of Brandcell Conversations in February, a second edition was held on the 17th of June 2016 around the theme of “Customer Experience: the new competitive edge.”

During this vibrant morning session, business professionals from several industries (HORECA, banking, insurance, retail etc) shared their experiences as customers while guest speakers pinpointed the main components of a great customer experience.

From videos to presentations, discussions and workshops, every part of the session enlightened the participants about the importance of offering today complete and seamless off line and on line experiences to customers using the experience design methodology as used by service designers around the world and by Brandcell consulting in Beirut and Dubai in partnership with Livework a global design firm, with the aim to help Companies and Brands  achieving customer experience excellence and gaining a unique competitive edge. 

Introducing: Brandcell Conversations

The first edition of the Brandcell Conversations was held on Friday 19th of February from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. with the following Theme:  “Innovation in Business”.

Participants from several industries were gathered to discuss the theme with a focus on the Barriers and Enablers for Innovation in Lebanon.

The mix of discussions, guest speakers, workshop and presentations resulted in a very interactive and dynamic morning session that allowed a better understanding of the main barriers facing Lebanese companies and outlining the enablers that would help them innovate: by thinking differently, using new design-led approach and tools mixed with proven strategy solutions as the ones used by the international innovation design consulting firms in the world and by Brandcell consulting in Beirut and Dubai in partnership with Liveworkstudio global design firm.


Brandcell in the Lead

Brandcell has been appointed in the past months to lead major consulting projects for leading brands in the luxury goods & service industries in Lebanon ranging from Mercedes-Benz/T. Gharghour & Fils to Roadster, Zaatar W Zeit and GlobeMed Lebanon.
Brandcell's consulting services that engaged high-level expertise - offered with its partner Livework - includes Empathic Research Design, Strategy Design and Customer Experience Design.

Experience Design Talk

An inspiring Morning talk on Experience Design and Empathic Design was held at Brandcell offices on July 10th. Marketing and Customer Experience Professionals from Financial, Real Estate, Health care, Education and HORECA sectors attended the session that included presentations and workshops.

Brandcell at Beirut Service Jam

Brandcell participated in the 3rd edition of the Beirut Service Jam held on the first weekend of March
Part of the annual Global Service Jam event that is set across different cities of the planet at the same time, the Jam gives the opportunity to designers, engineers, analysts, students and design-thinkers to come together for 48H and try to create services and products that shape the world. 
It was an inspiring activity to take part in; one that reaffirms that innovation is at the center of true and meaningful growth.
Have a look at the many projects that were the result of this year’s Jam (444 projects in total this year; from 40 different countries!)

Brandcell reaches Dubai

Brandcell has established a representative office in Dubai in order to cater to the growing demand of the GCC market mainly in Experience design and Innovation design; services which are delivered in partnership with Livework, the award winning, UK-based, service design firm.
Brandcell can be found here and reached on these numbers T. +971 45531051 / M. +971 564989792.


Brandcell's new Website

We are happy to share with you the launch of our brand new website  that reflects our evolution into a holistic 'business design' service, offering strategic business and service design solutions, and also our partnership with Live|Work, the global firm pioneering service design.

A new frontier

Brandcell announces its partnership with Livework, a global firm pioneer in service design. This partnership adds value by providing a more holistic consulting service that spans from understanding the value proposition till delivering it in a seamless way “in & out” of the organization i.e. bridging the traditional gap of both inside-out versus outside-in perspectives.

BDW 2014

The Brandcell Team attended the Beirut Design week that was held form June 9th till June 15th.

Service Design Morning Talk

Brandcell organized a Service Design Morning Talk, in partnership with London-based Livework and shared the latest in customer engagement strategies and innovation with a focus on service design approach in the presence of Business Executives from prominent industries.

Brandcell designs winning labels

WK Bars and Nights label designed by Brandcell has been finalist at UK's beverage innovation competition. Brandcell developed “Bars and Night” Visual identity and Label with the aim of expressing the attributes of Modernism, Innovation, Trendiness and be appealing to the lively young generation.

European IMP3rove Approach

Brandcell attended a seminar on Innovation Management and the European IMP3rove Approach in April 2013. This approach strengthens the support provided to SMEs in order to innovate and increase their performance and competitiveness.

Brandcell experience growing regionally

Brandcell experience is growing across the Middle East and North Africa with clients from KSA, GCC, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt and covers various categories and industries broadening its horizons and taking on new challenges in the fields of finance, FMCG,retail, real estate, electronics, media...

Brandcell into a new comprehensive branding project

Brandcell has been appointed to undertake a comprehensive Branding Project for UNIGAZ, a leading regional player in the Gaz Industry across the Middle East. The Branding Project aim at redefining the Brand Foundations and Strategy of UNIGAZ for the years to come on local and global levels.

Brandcell announcing a strategic alliance

Based on a mutual passion and vision for the communication industry, Brandcell and its sister agency Spidermonkey recently announced a strategic alliance with Damascus-based Shift Communication. This alliance will leverage the agencies’ combined wealth of knowledge and expertise while maximizing the performance of their clients’ businesses.


Brandcell participated in the RAYE event organized by Berytech at the ESIB premises.

Brandcell, a business advisor

Brandcell participated as a business advisor on Branding 101 at the Entrepreneurs Forum on May 21-22, held at Biel Pavillon Royal. Supporting entrepreneurship is one of Brandcell's aims in order to help companies in Lebanon and the Levant develop to reach international standards.

Brandcell establishing a brand positioning

Mobision, the region's first commercial Mobile TV based on DVB-H technology, appoints Brandcell to handle all its brand strategy development. Brandcell will take responsability of establishing a clear brand positioning for Mobision. On the market kevel, Brandcell will develop Mobision's marketing strategy blueprint.