BC Conversations #4

As part of Brandcell knowledge initiatives, the 4th edition of Brandcell conversations was held on October 5th 2018 around the theme «The New Service Model: Human or Digital »
During this inspiring morning session, business professionals from several industries (F&B, Banking, Insurance, FMCG and Consultancy) discussed the main challenges facing the digital and human integration.

The 10 Most Customer-Obsessed Companies In 2018

There are companies that are known for good customer service, and then there are companies that are obsessed with their customers. These brands take it to the next level by offering personalized experiences, amazing perks, and quality products. They also listen to their customers, take advantage of data and technology, and create a seamless experience that provides great service and support no matter how customers interact with the brand.

The Evolution Of Customer Service

For consumers the future of customer service cannot come soon enough. The customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption. Companies are slowly making progress toward more seamless and simpler customer experiences.