Hospitality News Magazine talks to Brandcell Partner-Senior Consultant, Carole Ayoub.

Branding is a simple concept but complicated strategy to attain successfully. Branding is the emotional connection customers make with the certain brand or product. This emotional relationship adds value to the brand through the brand story, personality and values, as well as provides a competitive advantage over other products in the same industry.

For a franchise to be successful the branding strategy must be well established and implemented. Successful franchises are ones that own a brand the public can relate to, trust and love. If a franchise is a success it can reflect positively on the company as a whole, whereas if even a single franchise within the company is less than satisfactory it can have a major negative effect on the company.

The aim of brand franchising is to have customers across the globe be able to walk into a certain franchise expecting the same experience, look, feel and philosophy as they would in any other franchise of that company worldwide.

In few words a "Franchised Brand" is a successful brand that is expanding geographically.  In order to ensure a successful expansion branding guidance is essential.

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