Delivering projects across the globe
Covid crisis implication on remote work as a new established norm, enabled Brandcell consulting to cater to various businesses across many markets.
We are today, thanks to advanced communication tools, delivering projects across the globe by helping clients design the right strategy, the innovation framework and the scenario planning tools to succeed in highly uncertain times.
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Critical uncertainties session
Brandcell delivered a presentation session to ITG’s VPs and GMs on Strategic Scenario Planning to allow companies to navigate towards a plausible future by identifying and contextualizing their most critical uncertainties.
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Collaboration with the Cedars restructuring project
Brandcell is happy to announce its collaboration with the Cedars restructuring project financed by FFA, bringing Strategy and Innovation advisory to an iconic F&B Lebanese Group.
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Our End Of Year Gift
Brandcell Consulting has offered its key Clients a valuable gift this year: an interactive session on Scenario Planning to help Companies navigate towards a plausible future by identifying and contextualizing their most critical uncertainties.
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Ecommerce shopping habits in Lebanon
Brandcell Consulting has conducted a survey to further understand the ecommerce market in Lebanon and its perception. Over 100 people participated in the survey through Survey Monkey online questionnaire. This revealed the ecommerce shopping habits in Lebanon and uncovered opportunities for retailers.

(The detailed results could be emailed to the interested business people upon request sent to
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Brandcell at Born Interactive Breakfast for thought session

Brandcell CEO Joe Ayoub talked about “Customer Experience: the new competitive edge” at Born Interactive first breakfast for thought “Experience that matter” last May 2019.

A wide professional audience attended the event from various sectors and expressed a high interest in knowing more about innovation strategies and human centered design.

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DDI Workshop in KSA
Answering the question: How can Design thinking and service design help companies innovate, create new services, unlock new business and unlock new markets while reducing the risk of high-cost failure?
A workshop session was organized in Riyadh on March 19th on the Theme of “Design drives Business Innovation” among a professional audience from Hospitality, Retail, Service and Consultancy sectors.
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Brandcell Celebrating 10 Years of Achievements
Brandcell, the leading Strategy & Innovation consultancy is celebrating its 10th year of achievements in the local and regional markets. With more than 50 projects accomplished across industries (Financial, Electronics, Energy, Media and Telecommunications, Real Estate and construction, HORECA, Retail and Services), Brandcell is today highly contributing to the development of Brands and Companies strategic & innovation capabilities to succeed in a highly volatile & competitive environment.
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BC Conversations #4
As part of Brandcell knowledge initiatives, the 4th edition of Brandcell conversations was held on October 5th 2018 around the theme «The New Service Model: Human or Digital »
During this inspiring morning session, business professionals from several industries (F&B, Banking, Insurance, FMCG and Consultancy) discussed the main challenges facing the digital and human integration.

Brandcell Conversations Edition 04 from Brandcell on Vimeo.

From videos to presentations, discussions, workshops and guest speaker’s case studies, every part of the session enlightened the participants with fruitful insights about local customer’s preferences and priorities as well as tangible concepts and examples answering today’s market reality.

Finally understanding the experience design methodology used by service designers around the world and by Brandcell consulting in Beirut showed the participants the way forward to trigger the thinking and ideation steps that would lead to ground-breaking innovation and the design of successful Omni-channel experiences.
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Learn and help students in need learn
This Summer, Brandcell consulting translates knowledge into models and frameworks to support organizations in facing daily business challenges. One Day Private Workshops are offered on the following topics: Business innovation, Business strategy and Service design with 20% contribution to students scholarships in Business and design.
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